Raadsel's replit creates portfolio!


Before you go and watch some of my repls, please keep in mind that Im still a beginner:) Dont expect too much

Also, all these projects are published under the WTFPL license:)


August 1 - Make the worst website possible

Well it is pretty trash if I say so...

August 2 - Create something that ages

It takes roughly 5 years until this program finishes..

August 3 - Write a story

This websites writes a randomly generated story!

August 4 - Use only emojis

This website translates text you enter to emojis!

August 5 - Make something random

If you press the button on this website you get rickrolled you get redirected to a random replit creates submission from me!

August 8 - Write a song

I made a simple piano website!

August 9 - Tell someone their fortune

I made a simple fortune teller but since everyone kinda made the same thing I called in fortune narrator instead of fortuner teller. Also it doesnt tell much fortune, only unfortune

August 10 - Make a shape that doesn't exist

I made the impossible triangle since it doesnt exists.. right??!

August 11 - Self-portrait

At this time I was on vacation and coded this on my phone so I didnt went with face recognition or anything, just simple PyTurtle

August 12 - Big

Just a funny website with a button and a big badminton thing

Until this point all the project were made on my phone

August 15 - Make nothing out of something

This was really vague so I made disappering eyes lol

August 16 - Teach yourself a new skill

I learnt C++! It was really fun and new to learn this language a bit

August 17 - Make something buggy

I made this cool game which is a bit buggy. If you encounter any bugs, its intentional. Trust me!


August 18 - One

Just one.. A quick quiz with loads of ones

August 19 - Colorful

Maybe a bit too Colourful?

August 22 - Add to someone else's project

I added some neat features to the project Obesity-simulator!

August 23 - Build something for a stranger

I made pong for CodingCactus. Read the read.md file for more info.

August 24 - Play with a friend

Because only 1 friend of mine codes and he wasn't available. I learnt a friend of me python! We made a weather API thing together!

August 25 - Write code that someone else describes to you

So the code I got described was make a meme discord bot. Well, I did that....

August 26 - Be someone else

I made this awesome website which makes it easier to be someone else!

August 29 - Build your portfolio site

You are right now on that website!

August 30 - Telephone

You want a telephone book or play the telephone game with a computer party? Try this!

August 31 - Throw a party

Throw a lot of parties at the ground you meant?